Late to Date

When the demos from Synthetic Vs Valys first landed in our Inbox its fair to say we got more than a little excited, its not every day you hear the first demos from someone and just know they are going to be very big, very soon!

Kicking off with 'Late To date.' Its boundless energetic grooves & beautifully layered, tension building textures, are ever changing to keep the interest & attention before a slowly evolving synth line creeps in & up on you like a shot of Absynth! The next thing, you are flying!

'So Fine' takes things deeper, with a chunky blend of tribal grooves and bass hits making way for a dirty rolling main bassline & trippy swirling vox FX , amidst shimmering snyths. Again this one weaves its way into your head & wont leave till its locked you in!